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Quickbond Surety Bond Quiz

Your Company Name

Your Name


There are 3 parties to a surety bond. Which one are is your company?

Who has to pay the bonding company back if a claim is made on one of your bonds?

What is the maximium size of the largest job you can potentially qualify for through Quickbond?

That limit refers to

What is another name for an Agreement to Bond?

Who can make a claim on your Labour and Material Payment Bond?

Fax copies of bonds are commonly accepted by obligees.

What bond(s) might be required at Tender Stage (when you are bidding on a job)

As you get closer to closing time your price may change. If it increases more than 10% what happens?

What is the Quickbond limit for maintenance or warranty periods?

If you are low bidder on a tender you used a bond bond or agreement to bond for - and awarded a contract - but discover you made an error ... can you back out without reprocussions?

If you pay $250 for your bid bond - and you are awarded the contract are there going to be any more bonding costs?

Bond Rates are based on

If there is a special performance bond form included in a tender there is no point in sending that to Quickbond unless I am low.

Name the 3 stages of Construction

What happens if I forget to sign my bonds?

If one of your subs wanted to make a claim under your Labour and Material Payment Bond how long do they have to make that claim to the Bonding Company?

1. Standard Rates
2. Contract Price $200,000
3. 1 year Maintenance
4. Owner/Obligee supplied their own bond forms
5. 50% Performance and 50% Labour and Material Payment Bonds Needed
Please determine the Quickbond cost for the above project:

If I have a Quickbond facility and want to pursue a traditional bond facility can I do that through Lori?

Can I deal with Lori for my insurance?